Hi there!
my name is Robbert I'm a front and backend webdeveloper I'm also the proud owner of dev fabriek internetbureau

About me

I'm Robbert a Frontend Developer. After my graduation in 2011 in the study Mediatechnology I have been working as a web-developer since then. But my knowledge didn't start there, ever since I was 7 I have been fascinated by computers and internet. In the meantime my experience has grown in (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP (OOP), SOAP, WSDL, MySQLWCAG 2.0, Webrichtlijnen 2 (usability guidelines setup by the government), Search Engine Optimalization, Google Analytics, Google Webmastertool, TYPO3, CMS Made Simple, Windows servers and Linux server management.

Next to my regular work I have my own company named dev fabriek internetbureau, where I design and build websites or new web solutions such as mobile web apps.

My philosophy is: "Clean code is essential for a smooth website".