Hi there!
my name is Robbert I'm a front and backend webdeveloper I'm also the proud owner of dev fabriek internetbureau

About me

I'm Robbert a Frontend developer & Consultant, Webrichtlijnen specialist and TYPO3 integrator, after my graduation in 2011 in the study Mediatechnology I have been working as a webdeveloper.
But my knowledge didn't start there, ever since I was 7 I have been fascinated by computers and internet. In the meantime my experience has grown in (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP (OOP), SOAP, WSDL, MySQL, Search Engine Optimalization, Google Analytics, Google Webmastertool, TYPO3, CMS Made Simple, Windows servers and Linux server management.

Now a days I'm working as a Frontend consultant.  My job is to make design and development come together and make a clean and valid code for W3C, WCAG 2.0, Webrichtlijnen 2 (usability guidelines setup by the government) and fit it in the open-source CMS TYPO3.

Next to my regular work I have my own company named dev fabriek internetbureau, where I design and build websites or new web solutions such as mobile web apps.

My philosophy is: "Clean code is essential for a smooth website".